One thing remains…


Have you ever felt God calling? How do you know it’s Him? Do you tremble at the sound of His voice because you think “Why would He tell me to do that?”

Jesus did not mass produce legions of followers. He hand carved a few and they became the pillars of the church.

Like many Christians, I grew up in the church – the United Methodist church to be exact. I went church every Sunday and Wednesday, every youth group, every event, camps, mission trips, etc. I publicly declared my faith to the Lord on December 28, 2001 at one of those camps. I thought life was going to be a piece of cake now that I had the Lord on my side.

Little did I know, it would actually get harder. As the years went by, I grew further and further from God. Like all of us, I had sinned and fallen short of His glory. I suffered with depression, drinking, lying, idolatry. My biggest idol was myself. I thought that I would never be happy unless I always put myself first.

I remember the day like it was yesterday. I was driving to work in my car and it was like I was hit over the head with the Bible. I’m pretty sure God told me I was an idiot that day. What I do distinctly remember Him saying, though, was “Beth, you will never be happy again until you put Me first. Get off your throne and let Me back in.” I took a leap of faith that day. I decided I would walk by faith and not by sight.

I’m not claiming to be perfect now – believe me, I’m far from it. What I do have now, though, is a confirmation that I have the perfect One on my side. No matter where I am in life or what I do, one thing remains… my God loves me. He talks to me. He tells me to learn His word and share it. He tells me to love others as He loves me. And He tells me to follow Him.

Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?” And I said, “Here am I, Lord. Send me!” Isaiah 6:8


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